What happens to your business if the CEO's hard drive crashes, or you accidentally spill coffee into a laptop? Data loss can occur at any time. With Quorum PC Backup, you can easily access critical business information that is created and stored across all the desktops, laptops and servers in your organization, without disrupting day-to-day workflow. With Quorum Technologies Cloud Backup, you can manage PC Backup directly through your Control Panel.


  • Peace of mind. Near-continuous data protection with automatic backups.
  • Secure data. Data is encrypted using military-grade, 128-bit SSL encryption prior to transfer; with optional Testimonial Personal key for added security.
  • Fast restores. Quickly and easily restore data. If a file is accidentally deleted, it can be restored for up to 30 days.
  • Minimal disruption to your employees. Once PC Backup is set-up, it runs automatically.
  • Affordable. Provides a cost-effective alternative to backing up to hard drives or tape drives.
  • Total control. You can manage your PC Backup services directly from your Control Panel: add new computers, view backup status, storage usage, and restore files – all from one place.

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