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Business is no longer confined to the four walls of an office or eight hours in a day. Mobile business apps enable you to empower your workforce wherever and whenever they need to be productive. The healthcare industry is currently in the midst of a technology innovation boom. Medical companies and healthcare providers are thinking outside of their traditional data entry and patient care processes to help optimize their businesses and ultimately improve the quality of patient care through innovative medical apps for mobile. Quorum Technologies is there to help with the convergence of mobile technology and healthcare.

Mobile application development is now emerging as a viable avenue for progress for patients and healthcare professionals alike. Quorum Technologies’ mobile solutions enhance the feedback loop by granting real-time, accessible information that enables providers to respond dynamically to the needs of their patients. Laser-focused, single function applications serve as highly sophisticated, yet extremely user friendly, state-of-the-art solutions. This IT trend has been extremely influential for EHR integration, mobile data entry and management, and mobile device management.

Mobile apps for smartphones and tablets are changing the way doctors and patients approach health care. Many are designed for the doctors themselves, ranging from handy databases to sophisticated monitors that read a person's blood pressure, glucose levels or asthma symptoms. Others are for the patients—at their doctor's recommendation—to gather diagnostic data and to help coordinate care, giving patients an easy way to keep track of their conditions and treatments.

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