Also referred to as “telehealth” or “e-health”, Telemedicine allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients in remote locations using telecommunications technology. Quorum Technologies' Telemedicine approach allows patients in remote locations to access medical expertise quickly, efficiently and without travel.

Through our affiliated company, LifeBot, Quorum provides exclusive patented and military-grade, developed telemedicine solutions. Our central focus is quality and continuity of care to both reduce costs and to save lives.


LifeBot® 5 Ruggedized Portable Telemedicine: Measuring less than 10 inches in height and weighing in at about 14 pounds, this fully ruggedized system is the most advanced for use by paramedics, in EMS and in the battlefield. The LifeBot® 5 is ideal for instant delivery of general telemedicine in any place, at any time, for any purpose.

LifeBot® Telemedicine Carts: Now the world’s most advanced general telemedicine cart is also a Crash Cart prepared to respond to unexpected critical emergencies. Featured is a flashing light system to clear the hallways similar to the way an ambulance clears the street. Its patent pending Boot in-Route ™ feature means it is ready when you need it. Not only is the cart the most advanced, but it is also the very first Emergency Crash Cart with Telemedicine, a “virtual ambulance” that may be easily deployed facility-wide.

lifebot1          work29small        Lifebotcart2


Military Developed, Battlefield Tested – In addition, LifeBot products were tested and proven in over 6 years of on-board pre-hospital paramedic ambulances. It was even successfully utilized for disaster telemedicine during the Katrina and Rita hurricane disasters.

Live Transmissions:

The carts are the first and only such systems designed to transmit “live” voice, video and full patient physiological data. Since data is transmitted live, it is immediately usable. Care may be decisive and timely. Separate server systems, that could only delay critical care and increase costs, are not required.

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