Technology Strategy

Quorum Technologies and its affiliates have developed more than 400 apps for the mobile environment. Our application developers, designers, and program managers are experts at getting the right balance between client ideas, platform standards, and user experience while meeting technical and project challenges. Quorum ensures that we understand your application needs from a technical aspect while integrating its goal to meet business objectives.. Read More

Quorum Technologies is a customer-focused IT firm offering a full range of services to solve today’s complex business challenges. Quorum Services including Networking, Enterprise Infrastructure, Wireless Technologies, Virtualization, Managed IT, Unified Communications and Collaboration, Mobile Apps for iOS, Android, RIM, MS, and Telemedicine. We are committed to our client’s success demonstrated by innovative and cost effective solutions.. Read More

Quorum Technologies’ affiliated company, LifeBot, provides exclusive patented and military developed telemedicine solutions. These systems are used to send and receive live video, voice and patient vital-sign data in support of heart, trauma and stroke victims. Telemedicine is the interactive exchange of medical information and care from one site to another via electronic communications to reduce risks, improve patients’ health status and reduce costs.. Read More

Quorum Technologies delivers success by unifying all communications into a single, seamless and cohesive Unified Communications and Collaboration platform. Quorum’s Unified Communications solution is delivered over the cloud using standard internet connections thereby eliminating costly analog lines and on-premise hardware and software. With no hardware to deploy and maintain, there’s no obsolescence to worry about.. Read More

At Quorum Technologies we take pride in helping solve your business technical problems through a powerful collaborative process between customer and our experts. We are experienced working with businesses of any size and market sector. Quorum Technologies offers management and support of networks, servers, ISP, routers, workstations, cabling infrastructure, applications, vendor management, and much more.. Read More