Cloud Services

Quorum Technologies Cloud Server is an enterprise-grade cloud application infrastructure. Unlike developer’s clouds or enterprise clouds, Quorum Technologies’ Cloud Server is designed for specific SMB business needs and use-cases. Small businesses will shift 2.4M on-premise servers into the cloud over the next three years. The cloud lets SMBs leverage enterprise-grade data centers for performance, reliability and scale economies that far exceed the reach of on-premise servers.

Features: Cloud Server offers a fully managed server as well as predictable costs, familiar technologies, and full control over your cloud environments. Ask about additional vCPUs, memory, storage, extended backup, bandwidth, SQL Server and additional IPs.


  • Reliable. Super premium performance and security including 99.9999% SLA
  • Feature Rich. Automated provisioning, upgrades, firewall, and VPN
  • Application Friendly. 95% of all applications will run on Quorum’s Cloud Server
  • Easily Configured and Provisioned.
  • Access. End user control panel integration, workload, migration and pre-configuration


Superior performance and uptime of 99.9999%. SLA: Service Level Agreements to satisfy your business need

Feature Rich

Automated provisioning, upgrades, firewall and VPNs.

Application Friendly

95% of all applications will run on Cloud Server.

Easily Configured & Provisioned.

End user control panel integration, workload migration and pre-configuration.

Designed specifically for SMBs

Most clouds are packaged to appeal to developers or enterprise users. But SMBs need predictable, worry-free experiences. Cloud Server is built specifically around SMB needs. To support their steady-state use cases, each Cloud Server package includes a 99.999% SLA, firewall, VPN and a monthly bandwidth allocation.

Migration & support

Cloud Server includes migration. We transition your customers to our cloud behind the scenes, with minimal work on your part. You stay focused on your business. Post-migration, our support staff is here to answer your calls and emails.

Full control

We give you full control over your cloud environment. This includes command-line access to all of your virtual machines, the ability to customize your firewall and site-to-site VPN, and full visibility into the cloud environment through our robust web-based control panel.

Predictable pricing

Cloud Server offers fixed monthly pricing. Unlike metered clouds, this predictability lets SMBs utilize their cloud without worrying about unexpected charges.

Broad configurability

Cloud Server offers multiple server configurations to match any use-case. Each configuration can be customized with additional memory, processing, and storage resources.

Simple scalability

Cloud Server lets you add storage, memory and vCPUs from your control panel, without redeployment. You can downgrade memory and vCPUs from your control panel as well. New VMs can be provisioned within minutes.

“Quorum Technologies has provided strategic leadership in the development of our IT infrastructure. We have valued their collaborative and innovative guidance.”

“With Quorum Technologies VOIP system we have connected five offices and 40+ staff. Patients can be connected to the right personal, regardless of the office they call. This has comforted surgery patients and reduced cancelations. We receive more calls successfully with VOIP then with our previous Comcast system resulting in more visits and better patient support.”

“I engaged Quorum and their staff to provide design/build and support services for all network, server, desktop, printing support and IP telephony required to make our facilities operational day one. Currently, Quorum’s staff has been engaged to provide the day-to-day support of the Provation and Experior clinical applications and Stryker devices located in the OR’s. Quorum also provides full support for back office applications including backup and recovery and all other IT services.

Quorum and staff have continually provided excellent service and competitive pricing for our Surgery Centers and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any healthcare organization looking for assistance to design/build state of the art IT healthcare solutions.”